Janet Hines, President


The Catholic Ladies of Columbia play an important role in our parish life.  The Catholic Ladies of Columbia prepare funeral luncheons for grieving families. We appreciate this ministry of these women of the parish!







Mark Teglovic, Grand Knight

Pro-Life Group

You are Invited to Attend the Pro-life Meetings.

 All are Welcome!


St. Francis has a wonderful pro-life group. 

I have been a member, and now secretary, of this fine organization for about ten years.  We encourage all adults of our parish to consider joining.

 We meet the fourth Monday of each month from 7:30-8:20 in the St. Francis Room.  Please come and join us.


The members discuss human rights at the meetings. The focus is that every life has a right to be born.

The officers give reports; for example, Rich Elmlinger reports on the money in the treasury and donations made. 


We participate in several activities, one is the white crosses in the front of the church for the 40 Days of Life; this is a peaceful vigil.  There are also billboard signs promoting pro-life.  The group prays during the monthly adorations and says many rosaries for the cause.  They participate in the March for Life in Norwalk every January.  Members and volunteers sign up each August to be at the pro -life booth at the Huron County Fair. 


We are currently a small group and would love to see that number grow. 


Andy Missler, the President, helps lead discussions about ethics and morality in the movement.  He shares articles he has and they are very informative.  I encourage each of you to consider coming to the next meeting.