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St. Francis Xavier Committees

Pastoral Council

Marsha Danhoff

Carol Lofland

Ron Fluharty

Bucky Glorioso

Laurie Lenz

Karen Daniel

Cindy Provenzale

Jean Carmean

Sandra Iracheta

Finance Council

Scott Steinmetz

Tom Hay

Alice Snook

James Maudsley

Kevin Beeson, Business Mgr.







Liturgy Committee

Sandy Kaple Music Director

Dave Long, Chairman

Ann Bauer, Secretary

Beth Goodsite

Sandra Iracheta, Hispanic Ministries

School Advisory Board

Vincent Shoham, Principal

Spencer Tuttle

Rachel Sykes

Esthela Oceguera

James Booker

Becky Phillips

Holly Cleland

Erin Chandler

Baltimore Luna

St. Joseph Cemetery


Jesus Luevano, Maintenance

Susan Richards

Jackie Eckstein

Diana Keck

John Popa

Youth Ministry


Hispanic Ministry

Sandra Iracheta

If you are interested in serving on any of these committees, please contact the parish office.

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