Adult Faith Formation Classes begin  on

February 23 -

March 30, 2021

Class begins at 6:45 p.m.

if you are a few minutes late, it's ok, please join us.

Class outline

Opening prayer

Video presentation 20-30 minutes

Open and confidential discussion-(voluntary share)

Closing prayer

Session 1: Jesus: Model and Master of Prayer.

Session 2: The address to God Our Father who art in heaven and the 1st petition.

Session 3: The 2nd and 3rd petitions, Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done

Session 4: The 4th petition, Give us this day our daily bread.

Session 5: The 5th petition, And forgive us our trespasses

Session 6: The 6th and 7th petitions, And lead us not into temptation...

This is a class for any Men or Women, young adults 18 to 100 years old who want to renew or revive their faith life.

The Our Father: A Short course with Dr. Ben Akers

When asked what they should say in prayer the Lord gives his disciples the “Our Father.” This prayer is considered a gift from the Lord and one that we should especially turn to in times of crisis. This series will go line by line through the prayer highlighting what it meant to Jesus’ first century audience and what it means for us today.

Cost for the class is $12.50 per person

Where: St. Francis Xavier - St. Francis Room

Time: 6:45 p.m. - 7:45p.m.  

Day of the week: Tuesday’s

If you would like to register for the class. Please fill out the bottom form and mail it along with your check to the Parish Office, drop it in the weekly Mass collection or email Monica at


Have you been thinking about getting an annulment? If so we now have a team that can help you through the process. There are 4 ladies who went through 21 hours of education and training with Msgr. Christopher Vasko, JV, JCD and continued training. If you are interested in pursuing an annulment or have questions, please contact Fr. George