Adult Faith Formation Classes begin  on

September 22, 2020 -

November 10, 2020

 This is a class for any Men or Women, young adults 18 to 100 years old who want to renew or revive their faith life.

This is a SPECTACULAR new series from the  Augustine Institute. Remarkably done and worth the hour to take the class. This is about finding the meaning of life in your own journey. It relates to all walks of life and truly will touch your soul.

Cost for the guide  book is $12.95 per person

Where: St. Francis Xavier - St. Francis Room

Time: 7-8 p.m.               Day of the week: Tuesday’s

If you would like to register for the class. Please fill out the bottom form and mail it along with your check to the Parish Office, drop it in the weekly Mass collection or email Monica at


Name: ________________________

Phone Number: __________________      Book Fee paid: ______


Have you been thinking about getting an annulment? If so we now have a team that can help you through the process. There are 4 ladies who went through 21 hours of education and training with Msgr. Christopher Vasko, JV, JCD and continued training. If you are interested in pursuing an annulment or have questions, please contact Fr. George